By David Ball

3 presents: BOWL-O-NUTS

…back from the nether world with the best group show ever to hit ARTILLERY and AMMO GALLERY. It combines the best of the best. No medium has been ignored. Come on by and celebrate the creative spirit with 25 ( possibly more? ) of the most butt kickin’est artist from LA and BEYOND !!! here is the run-down:

- treyops treyfid
- carol powell
- jason sullivan
- melissa sullivan
- deryke cardenaz
- sophia allison
- cheryl groff
- bill donovan
- maureen sheilds
- julian goldwhite
- melissa wilson
- ron outlaw
- brady redman
- abe alvarez-tostado
- kayt canino
- elisa saether
- gabe schaeffer
- armando torres
- william pitts
- chuck hodi
- james real
- greg noppe
- patrick haemmerlein
- brad davis
- karl drehsen
- benjamin harmon

Opening Reception March 13th at 7:00 ish [it IS a party] …. FREE !!!

ARTILLERY and AMMO GALLERY 1162 Glendale blvd. LA, Ca. 90026

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    cya th~~

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