Free Downtown Art Walk

By David Ball

Every 2nd Thursday of the month – 12PM – 9PM+

Enjoy commercial art galleries, museums, non-profit arts venues, free flowing wine & beverages, finger foods, live painting, live music and more.  A truly wonderful art scene!

Location: Los Angeles Gallery Row – South Main Street between 4th st. & 5th st. (and surrounding area)

11 Responses to “Free Downtown Art Walk”

  1. i really like this site it but i have no clue how to submit for anything???anywayz that art walk sound intersting.

  2. Lunetta says:

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  3. Bournes says:

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  4. Losoya says:

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  5. Chittum says:

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  6. Plourd says:

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Saved me some time. :)


  7. Rowlee says:

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  8. Whedon says:

    No else said a single thing about it, so I went anyways. It arrived at the art walk and had a great time. Thanks

  9. Bedroom feng shui says:

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more detailles about this, I am really fan of your web log…

  10. J.9 says:

    The art walk is something that shouldn’t be missed

  11. Ediy says:

    I love this, I’ve gone many times and still planning to keep on going :-)

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