Free – Eagle Rock Music Festival

By David Ball

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a nationally-noted non-profit community street festival
showcasing a diversity of innovative, multicultural and local music annually each October
since 1998. The festival hosts Los Angeles-based acts at various locations along its “main
street”, Colorado Boulevard, in the progressive and multigenerational Eagle Rock
neighborhood. It is designed to celebrate Eagle Rock, and support local business,
community, and culture. The all-ages free festival has set itself apart by showing a
commitment to booking the emerging artists who live and work in the community.
Recognized for fostering a unifying community atmosphere while maintaining a commitment
to groundbreaking music, the Music Festival is a local event with a citywide appeal and
The festival remains free and accessible to the community, regardless of income, thanks to
generous sponsors who are recognized at the festival and in the lead-up to the event.

Bands Featured:


October 3, 2009 – 5p.m. to Midnight

Los Angeles, California – On Six Blocks of Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock

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