Bands & Stitches

By David Ball

…and art too! The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art is hosting a free event with art exhibits by artist: Kebe Fox, Stephen Anderson and Richard Towle. Live music by: Street Spirit, Center Cannot Hold, Tommy Spase and the Alchemists. Topping the night off is a dark couture fashion show by Shawk Stitches (Corset Show).


Saturday February 27, 2010 ~ 8PM

117 North Sycamore Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701-5211
(714) 667-1517

One Response to “Bands & Stitches”

  1. JB says:

    Did not know this was going to be R rated, and I don\’t mean the corsets, which I think are great, it was what was going on in the backroom. Some people had children there, hopefully they didn\’t walk back there. Music was good, art was good, can\’t believe any legitimate organization would advertise this event and not put something on it about some portions of it, namely females and a portion of the male anatomy.

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