Free Driving Seminar

By David Ball

“In the past year, on the public streets of orange county, we have seen several exotic car owners take their cars past the safe/controlled driving limit resulting in injuries and even death. This is something that can be avoided. We feel that these cars are sometimes over estimated in their abilities to corner, accelerate and brake. These beautiful cars are not what are causing these accidents. It is the lack of knowledge about the cars. OCRC has decided to host a free seminar on the do’s and don’t s of exotic car driving/owning. We encourage everyone to tell their friends about this event even if they are not an exotic car owner. We will be giving demonstrations and explanations for the recent events on the streets of Orange County. We will show you and your loved ones ways to avoid these tragedies.

How many people have to get hurt before someone does something about it!!!! We know we will not eliminate the problem completely, but we hope to make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

For the family members and friends of the recent accident on PCH on Christmas Eve, our hearts go out to you.

What will be in the seminar?

-Learn the balance of a car

-Learn what “Tire Patch” is

-Watch a professional recover an out of control car

-Hear from guest speakers

-Learn about ABS and Non-abs cars

-Learn why sports cars different that regular street cars

-Learn how to experience your car without being dangerous

-Drive your car on a safe closed course to learn about its limits

-Bring your whole family and share this experience with your loved ones

-As the event gets closer we will be gathering more resources. Please keep checking for updates.”

Administrator OC Race-Craft


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