Free The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

By David Ball

Free Concert by The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra.  “FTO’s sound is lush — the group sees open musical space as an opportunity to insert a guitar riff, organ fill, or percussive embellishment. Hunter Costeau’s scratchy vocals blend beautifully with Kelli Kofke’s soprano, giving the well crafted lyrics their due; the words to “In a Dream,” a firsthand account of strangulation, might also fit comfortably in a death-metal ballad, but the band contrasts the violent tale with ringing chimes, operatic singing, and bright guitars.”
Phil Kropoth – Flavorpill


Saturday December 12, 2009 ~ 8:30 PM

FREE Gallery show w/ Marvelous Toy
3000 Olympic Blvd. Suite 2525 (bldg. 1)
Santa Monica, CA, California 90404
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