Make a Statement Free Political Bumper stickers

By David Ball

I could not resist bringing Democrats, Republicans and the Independents together for the first time.  Here are some free political bumper stickers, that you can put on your car to show where you stand, both sides all on one page together at last!  If you want to be PC you will need to put them all on your car, like the car in the photo.  LOL.. 

Free Political Bumper Stickers

Free Political Bumper Stickers

Do I dare? Let me know which stickers you don’t like and why, through the comment form below.

Demorcrats Change Matters

I don’t believe the Liberal Media

Conserving Now Get a FREE Static Window Cling for your car.

Nuclear Watch South COOL FREE stickers to help spread awareness about nuclear dangers and solutions.

Strategic Influence Bush Destroyed America, Annoy  the Tea Party Love thy Neighbor, Liberals Protest War Conservatives Protest Healthcare

Hunt Life Register for a free decal.

PCB Free Panama City Beach sticker.

Citizens for Term Limits Free Bumper Sticker.

Faithful America Free Bumper Sticker.

DFA Free Boycott BP Bumper Sticker.

News Busters Get your free bumper sticker.

Moms Rising Free “MOM” Bumper Sticker.

Democracy for America FREE “Stand with Howard Dean” Sticker.

Sierra Club Recieve a free sticker from the Sierra Club’s Love Winter, Hate Oil Sands

The Peace Team Free Peace Team Bumper sticker.

PETA Get a a free “Stop the Seal Slaughter” action pack that includes stickers.

Military Times FREE “I Served Sticker.” Be sure to select which sticker you would like to receive, IRQ, AFG or both.

HRC Free Human Rights Campaign Bumper Sticker.

Pacific Legal Get a free “Don’t Smelt Our Economy” bumper sticker.

Human Rights Get a free Human Rights Campaign Bumper Sticker

Drug Policy Get a free Prevent Overdose, Save Lives” purple ribbon sticker

I Served Give every returning military person that served in Iraq or Afghanistan a free sticker that identifies their place of service.

Peta Get your free Trollsen Twins stickers.

Stick it to Big Oil Get a free Oilwatchdog ‘Hot Fuel Ripoff sticker:

Try Veg Get a free bumper sticker

Moms Rising Get a a FREE “MOM” bumper sticker.

American Farmland Get a Free No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker.

Right Decisions Right Now Free “Kids Shouldn’t Smoke” bumper sticker.

Humane Society Free “Give Wildlife a Brake” Bumper Sticker.

Hot Mom Driving in America Magnet Free hot mom driving magnet.

Sticker Nation Free Sticker Sample Kit.

Fluke Nation Free bumper sticker and bottle opener.

Freedom Works Free Gas Price Protest Bumper Sticker.

Stick It to Big Oil Get your own Oilwatchdog ‘Hot Fuel Ripoff sticker

World Peace Free Button or Bumper Sticker. This is in PDF format.

FCNL Free Peace Bumper Sticker.

Bumpersticker Be the first to receive America’s most popular political bumper stickers. Whether it’s a hot political campaign, special news event.

The Humane Society Free “Give Wildlife a Brake” Bumper Sticker.

Wake up in the USA Tell A Friend and get a FREE STICKER

Peta Free “Jesus Loves Me, Too” Stickers.

Pioneer Hardware Free Fridge Magnet.

Overpopulation Free Overpopulation Bumper Stickers. Twelve different slogans are available. SASE

Peta Kids Free hermit Crab stickers.

Consistant Life Ethic Free copy of a Consistent Life Ethic bumper sticker.

This one is not political but I like it.  HMMM… I wonder if it would work?

Unjunk Mail Receive free “return to sender stickers”. Slap the stickers on your junk mail, put the envelopes back in your mailbox.

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