Free Reefer Madness – Dub Comedy

By David Ball

The L.A. Connection Comedy Group dubs REEFER MADNESS at the Laemmle Royal Thursday January 14th at 10pm with a special bonus screening of the hit TV series Mad Movies.

Exclusively FREE for LAFREEBEE Readers.  You MUST RSVP by calling Kent @ 818-710-1320 Ext. 1 and getting on the lafreebee guest List.

The L.A. Connection (LAC) is proud to announce we have signed on with The Laemmle Royal Theater to dub a different classic film on the second Thursday of each month at 10pm, followed by a half-hour episode of the cult hit TV series “Mad Movies with the L.A. Connection” with a live appearance from creator/host Kent Skov.

The Sherman Oaks based comedy troupe has been dubbing old films since 1982. The process began
with a live performance of “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman” at the Fox Venice Theater. Since then the group has dubbed hundreds of movies live and has produced the cult hit series “Mad Movies”, which was Nickelodeon’s top rated show for two years. LAC was also nominated for a CableAce Award in the “Best Comedy Special” category for dubbing a Sherlock Holmes classic on The A&E Network.

The Concept is simple. The actors sit in the front row armed with microphones and a live sound musician. LAC then eliminates the original soundtrack and the actors dub in a brand new hilarious comedy soundtrack live.

“Reefer Madness” was created in 1936 as a training film for students propagandizing the horrors of marijuana use. The LAC version turns the leading drug dealer into an undercover cop who cannot find marijuana even when it is right under his nose. The school principal in the original movie is now running a company called “Drugway” which helps people set up their own medical marijuana dispensaries. Thus a new LAC DUB-A-VISION Classic is born.

WHEN & Where:  Thursday January 14 at 10pm, 2010 @ Laemmle’s Royal Theatre
11523 Santa Monica Blvd. West L.A. 90024 / 310-477-5581


ADVANCE TICKETS: sold at the ROYAL THEATRE or purchase online at WWW.LAEMMLE.COM

GENERAL INFO : 818-710-1320 Ext. 1 LACONNECTIONCOMEDY.COM and click on “Special Events”

“One of The Top 3 Comedy Clubs in All of Southern California” – KABC-TV
2007 & 2008 Winner “Best Improv Group”

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