Free Snow Day in Orange County

By David Ball

Great Skate Glides into Great Park in Orange County

Saturday January 30th Snow Day Launches a monthlong event where you can skate for free and enjoy other winter activities including real snow, sledding, snowman making, ice carving demonstrations, music, children’s craft activities and other fun free stuff. The Great Skate will have over 100 tons of snow. Ice skating will take place at the Historic Hangar 244. There is no charge to skate and no charge for the rentals.

Admission to Snow Day January 30 is free, and parking is just $8. Ice skating and parking are free January 31st through February 28th.

Great park is also home to FREE BALLOON RIDES as previously featured on lafreebee. So, on Saturday you can skate and fly all in one day.


Saturday January 30th is Snow Day and free ice skating goes through February 28th.

Entrance at Sand Canyon and Marine Way in Irvine (adjacent to the 5 freeway)
Click here for directions

For more details and times, please go to

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