The Blasting Company

By David Ball

Petrojvic Blasting Company

“A ragtag crew of modern-day gypsy street buskers. Their rousing mélange of New Orleans Dixie and Balkan folk music takes high-steppin’ swing, spins it through a blender of pre-World War II love songs, and dips it in some old-world melancholy — think Tom Waits via Louis Armstrong with a detour by way of Belgrade.
Helmed by brothers Justin and Josh Petrojvic, the band also goes by just “the Blasting Company” because so few can pronounce their last name (PEH-tro-vich). The brothers hail from “pretty much all over,” and first started things up in Tennessee five years ago as Albania Mania, which gradually morphed into the Blasting Company’s current incarnation here in L.A. The line-up ranges from six to 10 members, loosely called the “small band” or the “big band,” depending on their mood.” — Melissa Henderson LA TIMES MUSIC BLOG

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FREE CONCERTS (click on venue link for directions)

May 6th ~ The Gorbals ~ (LA 5th/Spring) ~ 10pm ~ Free
May 9th ~ Bar 107 ~ (LA 4th/Main) ~ 10pm ~ Free
May 13th ~ The Gorbals ~ (LA 5th/Spring) ~ 10pm ~ Free

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  1. Suzanne Ahmed Leonora says:

    This is the most awesomely awesome band highly skilled but most of all FUN FUN FUN everybody go

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